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Premium Branding and Marketing Agency

Strategic branding and design

We develop memorable stories and strategies of your brands with creative production that highlights the key strengths of the company and products. We will tailor your product ideas and values to the target market. By creating yours brand, at the same time we will create a sensitive connection between perception, thinking and feeling what will make your product attractive and desirable.

  • expert assessment
  • goal setting
  • work plan

Brand strategy

  • positioning
  • value development
  • brand architecture
  • designing names
  • product nomenclature


  • identity design
  • packaging design
  • creative production
Digitalni marketing

Digital marketing

Digital platforms offer multiple opportunities for faster, smarter and more direct marketing. Through system preparation and setting up digital campaigns, we will set up interoperability and communication plan for internet advertising. We analytically determine customer behavior patterns and improve campaign and sales performance.

What are we doing?

  • SEO
  • web audit
  • digital strategies
  • Google advertising
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • content marketing
  • internet marketing
  • social networks
  • native advertising

Graphic design and packaging design

With graphic design, we will convey ideas and messages in forms that represent the market value of your company. We direct the design, in part or in full, towards aesthetic and communicative values. Marketing agency BRANDZ offers Premium design of digital and printing forms according to strategic goals, creative ideas, aesthetics and style.

Printing forms

  • visual identity design
  • packaging design
  • logo design
  • graphic design
  • catalogs and brochures
  • prepress
  • press

Digital forms

  • digital identity
  • web form design
  • web design
  • banner design
  • visuals for social networks
  • web shop
  • digital memorandum
  • email signature

Creating a Web Shop

Selection of CMS technologies and design of online stores. Integration of online card billing and programming.

Web design and programming

We will increase sales efficiency and your digital competitiveness. By creating a website or online store, we achieve maximum efficiency of web technologies in accordance with sales, information and marketing goals. We will tailor the design of the aesthetic and communication values of the website or web store to your goals.

Selection of technologies

  • selection of CMS technology
  • data architecture
  • user experience
  • i-ecosystem optimization
  • interoperability


  • wireframing
  • aesthetic expression and design
  • programming
  • content implementation
  • launch

Photo and video production

In accordance with the goals of the campaign and creative production, we will do professional product photography for you, organization of photo and video sets, and production and editing of advertising video and radio spots. Through art management and consistent communication, we connect all the points of contact of your brand or campaign.


  • product photography
  • studio photography
  • fashion photo
  • outdoor and panorama
  • instagram collection
  • corporate photography


  • storyboard
  • art directorate and organization
  • recording
  • video editing
  • editing viral videos
  • animated video
  • youtube promo video

Expert assessment and planning

At BRANDZ marketing agency, we recognize and develop consumer needs with original, creative and analytical thinking marketing and marketing values that allow our customers to place their unique offerings on the market. We will help you identify the key factors that need to be considered in our business. The counseling process includes meetings with the client and individual work. 

Strategic planning

  • analysis and research
  • goal setting
  • tactics and tools
  • strategic planning

Work plan

  • organization of workshops
  • activity planning

Mentoring and management

  • brand management
  • brand audit
  • launch

Full service marketing agency

We are BRANDZ marketing agency for marketing communication based in Zagreb. Marketing and branding agency that specializes in digital marketing and 360 ° marketing and strategic planning, product and service branding, design, SEM and social media advertising. In the domestic, regional and foreign marketing market services we provide a full 12 years and successfully cooperate with all layers of entrepreneurship; small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and the public sector.

More about us

Professional standards

We work closely with our clients and try to explain the whole process to them and actively involve them in decision making. Understanding the project is key to the successful implementation of the plan as a result of mentoring as a way of working. Given that the exchange of information and ideas between the marketing team and the client is extensive and practical for both parties, we can proudly say that it results in a business relationship full of trust.

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