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BRANDZ - a creative marketing agency that provides services to domestic and foreign businesses in order to improve business. Our marketing story begins in 2008 in Zagreb under the name BRANDZ.

Tomislav Art director
Tomislav Vinšek, CEO

Branding & marketing specialist

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We gather creative and innovative ideas under one roof and then turn them into successful projects of our clients.

Marketing services include strategic planning, branding, design, creative production and implementation in general. We pay special attention to the individual approach to each client. For many years we have been successfully cooperating with all layers of entrepreneurship - the public sector, micro, small and medium enterprises, but also large companies.

We regularly hold educational meetings with each client in order to have the most detailed insight into the development of their project, and we actually consider them an equal part of our team. Our goal is also to inspire and motivate the client for new business successes, so analysis, creativity and marketing are not our only task.

We offer key services for your competitiveness in the market

Professional standards

Consulting practice requires a unique combination of quality, expertise and competence. It includes a high ability to reason, critical thinking, problem analysis, decision making and respect for ethical and moral principles. Successfully marketing consulting requires learning throughout working life, given that we have to constantly deal with the unknown.
It is our duty and responsibility to maintain the highest professional standards.

Key values

Original thinking

Standard industry models are only effective if the problem or case fits completely, which is extremely rare. When we say original thinking, we do not necessarily mean revolutionary. To think originally means to use cognitive freedom in finding authentic solutions completely tailored to the needs of our clients.


Our work is based on a friendly environment with colleagues and clients, creating a pleasant atmosphere in which we can exchange experiences, ideas and collaborate as partners. In a stimulating and proactive way, we offer initiatives that are crucial for the competitiveness of our clients in the market.


We never involve a third party in the business, nor any interest group, association, institution or media and thus maintain a strictly objective approach to each project.


In addition to a positive attitude, practicality is also important to us. We act in the best interest of our clients and never offer, recommend or accept an idea or solution that we cannot realize.

We are a BRANDZ marketing agency. With original and analytical thinking, we recognize the needs of consumers. We develop and focus on marketing values that enable our clients to place their unique offer on the market.

We have been developing domestic and foreign brands for 12 yearsStart business growth!

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