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Privacy protection

Confidentiality and data protection information
This privacy statement applies to information we have collected from you during your visit to brandz.hr and which has been collected and stored in the Brand dizajn doo databases using that site.
The data processing manager on this website is:
Brand dizajn doo Zagreb, Viteziceva 1a, OIB: 06068909850,
Tel: +385 1 5604801
contact email: kontakt@brandz.hr
and we hereby promise to provide you with protection of personal data of customers, by collecting only the necessary, basic information about customers / users that are necessary to fulfill our obligations; that we will regularly give customers a choice about the use of their data, and that we respect all privacy requirements to the fullest extent possible.
All user data is strictly kept and is available only to employees who need this data to do the job. All employees of Brand dizajn doo and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy protection.

Data confidentiality
Confidentiality statement
Brand dizajn doo as a service provider of the brandz.hr website adheres to legal regulations in order to protect the privacy of users.
End users are instructed to read all of the above on this page to better understand what information Brand dizajn doo collects and how it uses it.
The end user who has any questions regarding data confidentiality can send an e-mail to kontakt@brandz.hr
End Users are instructed to read this privacy statement carefully. By accessing or using our website, the End User confirms that he has read, understood and agrees to all conditions of data confidentiality and ways of using the brandz.hr website.
If the End User does not agree with this Privacy Statement, we instruct the End User to leave and not access and use the brandz.hr Website.
This design confidentiality statement can be changed by Brand dizajn doo at any time by publishing the amended text of the data confidentiality statement in the section ““ Data Confidentiality ”” on the Website. Changes to the privacy statement come into force immediately after its publication on the brandz.hr website
Each End User is solely responsible and required to periodically review this site and review any changes to the Privacy Statement. The continued use of this Website by the End User after the entry into force of such changes, implies that the End User confirms and accepts all the terms of the amended Privacy Statement.

What data and when do we collect?
Brand dizajn doo collects information that identifies a specific End User.
Contact form: When the End User joins certain activities on the brandz.hr Website, when filling out the contact request, we ask for your name and e-mail address and exclusively for the purpose of answering your request and possibly submitting an offer, which is the legal basis defined by Article 6 para.1. point b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR only), ie processing is necessary in order to take action at the request of the respondent before concluding the contract; or in certain cases this may be defined in Article 6 (1) (c) of GDPR 6 (1). point b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR only), ie processing is necessary in order to take action at the request of the respondent before concluding the contract; or in certain cases this may be defined in Article 6 (1) (c) of the GDPR depending on the type of inquiry you have sent us or contacted us.
Opening an account: when you open an account to order and purchase products, we ask you for your name, address including postal code, e-mail address, telephone number, confirmation that you are over 16 years old, and you are free to choose your user password. account. We collect the relevant data in order to obtain all the necessary information necessary for the purchase and delivery of products through our site and to execute the order you sent us and avoid any possible abuse and protect all your rights. If you are looking for an R1 invoice, then we can ask you or your company for the OIB that is necessary for the proper completion of the invoice. The legal basis for the processing of this data is described in Article 6 para. point b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR only) or processing is necessary for the performance of the contract or to take action at the request of the respondent prior to the conclusion of the contract; or in certain cases this may be defined in Article 6 (1) (c) of GDPR 6 (1). point b) of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR only), ie processing is necessary in order to take action at the request of the respondent before concluding the contract; or in certain cases this may be defined in Article 6 (1) (c) of the GDPR as we are obliged by other laws to fulfill our obligations as controller.

What are cookies?
This website uses the so-called. "Cookies". Cookies are small text files stored in the memory of your device via your browser. They store certain information (eg language used or page settings) that your browser may (depending on the lifetime of the cookie) retransmit to us the next time you visit our website.
We use two categories of cookies: (1) functional cookies, without which the functionality of our website would be reduced and (2) additional cookies used for website analysis and for marketing purposes.
We use additional cookies only with your prior consent. On your first visit to our website, a notification will appear asking you to consent to the placement of additional cookies. In case you have given your consent, we place a cookie on your computer, and the ad will no longer appear while the cookie is activated. After the cookie expires, or if you actively delete the cookie, the ad will reappear the next time you visit our website, and a call for consent will reappear.
Of course, you can also use our website without setting cookies. You can set or completely disable the use of cookies in your browser at any time. However, this may lead to limited functionality or adversely affect the accessibility of our website.
On our website, we use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States ("Google"). Google analyzes our use of our website on our behalf. The information that Google collects regarding your use of our website (eg homepage URL, our pages you have visited, the browser you have used, your language settings, your operating system, the resolution of your display) is transmitted to a Google server in the USA, where they are stored and analyzed. The result is made available to us in anonymous form. Your usage data is not linked to your full IP address. Furthermore, Google is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield, which ensures that the appropriate level of data protection is applied to the processing of data by Google in the United States.
Additional cookies are related to Google Remarketing services. Google Remarketing is a feature of Google AdWords that allows a business to show ads to Internet users who have previously visited the company's website. The integration of Google remarketing therefore allows the company to create user ads and thus display relevant ads to interested internet users.
The operating company of Google Remarketing is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043-1351, United States.
The purpose of Google remarketing is to insert interest-relevant advertising. Google Remarketing allows us to display ads on the Google Network or other websites that are based on individual needs and the interests of Internet users.
Google Remarketing places a cookie on the information system of the submitter. By setting cookies, Google allows us to identify previous visitors to our website who may see our ads while browsing other sites that are part of the Google Display Network or while searching on Google for terms related to your products or services.
Each time you visit a website where the service is integrated with Google's remarketing, the web browser of the data subject is automatically identified with Google. During this technical process, Google receives personal information, such as the IP address or user search behavior, that Google uses, among other things, to insert relevant ads.
The cookie is used to store personal data, such as websites visited by the data subject. Each time you visit our website, personal information, including the IP address of the internet access used by the data subject, is transferred to Google in the United States. This personal information is stored by Google in the United States. Google may transfer this personal information collected by technical process to third parties.
You can withdraw your consent for web analytics at any time by downloading and installing the available Google browser add-on, or you can edit your consent by inserting an opt-out cookie. Both options prevent web analytics as long as you use the browser on which the add-on is installed and until you delete the opt-out cookie.
More information about Google Analytics is available in the Google Analytics Terms of Use, in the Google Analytics Data Privacy Guidelines, and in the Google Privacy Statement.
In addition to Google Analytics and Remarketing, in order to display content that is relevant to each user personally, and thus improve the user experience on our website, we also use the Facebook pixel. The Facebook pixel allows us to learn more about the way our users use our websites, and to show ads to those who are most interested.
Every time you visit the website where the service is integrated with the Facebook pixel, the web browser of the person who is the data subject is automatically identified with Facebook. During this technical process, Facebook receives personal information, such as IP address or user search behavior, which Facebook uses, among other things, to insert relevant ads.
More information about Facebook Pixel is available in the Facebook Pixel Terms of Use, in the Facebook Pixel Data Privacy Guidelines, and in the Cookie and Site Acceptance Policy.

To whom do we share your data?
Brand dizajn doo will not share the personal data of the End User with other parties except in cases when required by positive regulations.

Delivery of promotional materials by e-mail or mail - newsletter!
Personal design will be used by Brand dizajn doo for sending and distributing administrative and promotional e-mails, only if you have given us consent or consent, for which the legal basis is prescribed by Article 6, paragraph 1, item a) of the GDPR. The consent we ask of you can be given only by confirming the action and you can withdraw it at any time by simply sending an email to kontakt@brandz.hr or by selecting the option to cancel the newsletter that is in each newsletter message. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the processing that existed until the withdrawal of consent.
How long do we keep your data?
We keep the information you leave us depending on the purpose for which you provided it. We store your data that you provided to us when purchasing the product during the transaction and for a maximum of 5 years after the execution of our service. We use the information for which you have given us consent until your consent is revoked. We keep the data on financial transactions in the accounts in accordance with the accounting laws - as a rule, for 11 years.
Our promise and responsibility.
Data protection Brand dizajn doo takes it seriously and various precautions have been taken to protect personal data. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet, or any wireless network can be 100% secure. As a consequence, although Brand dizajn doo implements commercially reasonable data protection safeguards, it cannot guarantee the protection of any information transmitted to, or from the brandz.hr Website and is not responsible for the actions of any third party that receives such information.

The end user has the following rights:
Right of access and right to correct inaccurate data - End user has the ability to access and change personal data provided by Brand dizajn doo End user can change any of his personal data by sending an e-mail to kontakt@brandz.hr In that e-mail message The end user should state his name and surname, address and e-mail address, and what information he wants to supplement.
The right to "forget", ie delete all data, if the conditions from Article 17 of the General Regulation on Data Protection are met.
The right to stop using personal data for direct marketing purposes by withdrawing consent
The right to file a complaint against the controller against the supervisory body of the Personal Data Protection Agency, Martićeva 4, Zagreb, if it considers that the processing of personal data violates the General Regulation on Data Protection.
We may request verification of your identity to process your request.

If you have any questions or concerns about how we handle your personal information and how we use it or would like to exercise the above rights, please contact us in writing at:
Brand dizajn doo Zagreb, Viteziceva 1a, OIB: 06068909850,
Or by email to: kontakt@brandz.hr

We may periodically update our Privacy Policy. Updates will be posted on our website. All amendments come into force at the time of their publication on our website. Therefore, we encourage you to visit the site regularly to be informed of possible updates.

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