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Product branding
companies and services

Brand strategy

Strategic planning and positioning

Brand architecture

Brand architecture and nomenclature 

Visual identity

Visual brand communication

Strategic branding and design

We bring together analytical, business and creative thinking

We create a brand personality

By branding, we create personality and emotional ideas and feelings related to the experience. A brand is an idea, a theory and a thought. We will tell your idea with a clear story of your product, company or service.

  • setting up the architecture
  • product series branding
  • nomenclature
  • packaging design
  • production and printing
  • roof branding
  • standardization
  • graphic design
  • brand management

Service branding

  • goal setting
  • development of added value
  • categorization
  • visual identity

Project process

Market research

We approach the project analytically

Setting up a business model

We shape your products and services

Creating a brand strategy

We define the personality, promise and messages of the brand

Identity design

We unify communication and form consistency

Market placement and acquisition

Brand identity integration

We base projects on your meaningful business plan

A brand is the complete expression of your business and includes all the end users' points of contact with your company, service or product. We will help you identify the key factors that need to be considered in our business.

Market research and analysis

By creating a brand, we simultaneously create sensitive connections between perception, thinking, and feeling, and therefore a detailed analytical approach is important. During the market research process, you will learn what we need to consider, analyze and create in order to achieve your goal.

  • market research
  • brand audit
  • competition research
  • trends
  • focus groups
  • survey with online tools

Business model development

Business model design mainly refers to the activity of designing a company’s business model. We will launch a business development process and business strategy that includes methods of forming products and services and a monetization policy.

  • SWOT analysis
  • product quality
  • type and type of product
  • added value of the product
  • pricing policies
  • target group
  • product group formation
  • forming a series of products
  • innovations
  • distribution and delivery
  • user support

We create market value and a clear perception of your product

The key moment of strategic planning is the transfer of the idea itself into feasible plans.

Creating a brand strategy

We form a long-term plan for the successful development of your brand in order to achieve the set goals. A well-defined and executed brand strategy affects all aspects of business and is directly related to the needs of consumers and their emotions, as well as competitiveness in the market.

With a brand strategy, we will define the personality, promise and messages of the brand. The brand is instantly recognizable, has a clear architecture, clear features and creates an emotional connection with the idea. Its consistency serves to recognize the associated emotional reactions that lead to loyal customers and business growth.

  • Defining the target group
  • The archetypal identity of the customer
  • Archetypal brand identity
  • Positioning
  • Brand promise
  • Brand tone and voice
  • Brand architecture
  • Nomenclature

Branding geared towards your customers

Building a reliable image plays a key role in
creating loyal customers
grafički dizajn

Visual identity design

By branding your product or service, we make sure that the reactions of users are positive, which will encourage the desire for new interactions. Over a long period of time, occasional interactions will turn into established habits and then into long-term needs.

We unify communication and form consistency

We often do not question brands that we have known for a long time, which means that they have successfully fulfilled their promise and customer expectations. We have achieved relevance and gained the trust of our customers which contributes to the growth of the company.

  • designing a brand name
  • visual identity design
  • creative production and printing
  • devising slogans
  • copywriting

Integration and market placement

Successful brand preservation is only possible through strict discipline and perseverance, so branding must be integrated into all layers of the business.

  • brand identity integration
  • interior branding
  • production of communication materials
  • integration on digital platforms
  • packaging design
  • web design
  • market placement

Brand management

Branding is not a project with a set deadline, but a permanent review and introduction of positive changes. Branding is a continuous evolution and introduction of innovations with the aim of arousing emotions.

  • audit activities
  • analysis
  • optimization
  • placement of new products

We develop your elusiveness

With an integrated brand strategy, we raise awareness about your product


Planning and creative production


Companies, products and services


Design, graphics and preparation


Professional standards

We work closely with our clients and try to explain the whole process to them and actively involve them in decision making. Understanding the current problem is key to the successful implementation of the plan. For this reason, we use mentoring as a way of working. Given that the exchange of information and ideas between the marketing team and the client is extensive and practical for both parties, we can proudly say that it results in a business relationship full of trust.

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