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Branding of products and packaging for the food industry

We have enriched the international food industry market

Development of a complete brand solution

The task of this complete project product branding, is designing a unique brand name for the international market. An excellently positioned brand name is the foundation of the development of all visual communication values.

The archetype of Nutriche product users is a person with an average age of 25-45 years, ecologically aware, who loves walks and staying in nature and sports. It is a person who watches the prices of the products he buys, but is willing to pay more for healthy and quality food.

brendiranje proizvoda
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From name design to packaging design

Target group:

  • experienced and beginners in the field of healthy eating
  • employees, family people
  • lifestyle: many hobbies, love to read, recreate, love food
  • they know how to recognize the quality and aesthetic value of a product
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Product branding

  • create a unique, memorable and well-positioned brand name
  • create aesthetically high-quality packaging and harmonize verbal communication with the user's archetype, thus enabling fast sales and customer interest in the product
  • develop visual differentiation of two product groups: food and spices, and leave room for upcoming products
  • define consistent communication at all levels among customers, partners and the brand
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