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Designing brand names and brand emotions for the charter market

Saysail - a brand name for strong emotions, experience and experience

Direct communication values

Sailing today is not just a hobby. It is a significant branch of luxury tourism and a special life experience.

Our client's philosophy is based on an incomparable level of service, offering a carefree sailing holiday, without bothering with technical and logistical details. Customers are offered only one option - carefree sailing without thinking. They just have to say "yes" to sailing. That's all they need!

Based on the goals of the business plan and the briefing with the client, we started to design a name for the new charter service. By merging the two basic segments of the project - the carefree nature of the yachting service and the specific profile of the target audience, we came up with the name of strong emotion and direct communication value. We have created Saysail - a sound compound that has the power to directly and actively address the customer.

The name is designed to inspire and engage customers with its personal and warm communication. With its calling, it calls for an unforgettable adventure and new experiences. Given the foreign character of the client's charter service, we used a universal English name that is recognizable to everyone.

In strong connection with the slogan "That's all you need", we added additional emotional value to the newly built brand.

osmišljavanje imena brenda
amblem brenda

Visual elements for a solid brand identity

For direct interaction with customers, we have designed a striking wordmark for the primary aspect of brand communication. Directly recognizable, powerful and precise, the wordmark embodies the most important segment of sailing - visibility.

At the same time, we created a visual symbol - an abstract solution obtained by combining the motif of a ship's rope and the details of the waves that surround the monogram of the Saysail brand.

We applied the mentioned elements of visual communication to dark blue, turquoise and coral background colors. The chosen coral color is also the color of 2019 chosen by the Pantone Institute.

We also applied visual elements to means of secondary communication such as folders, business cards, envelopes and advertising brochures. By combining the details of the waves, we created a subtle nautical feel. Through this process, we have integrated elements of the graphic standards book into all aspects of the client's business.

Using typography and careful selection of colors, we firmly connected the visual identity of the brand with the client's service and created a unique charter person of a foreign character.

Branding - that's all you need!

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