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Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a serious business without a good position on search engines and social networks. The presence of brands on social networks is an indispensable part of every one of our digital marketing strategies. The advantage of social networks is that users perceive such announcements less as advertising, and more as communication between the brand and the client. Social networks have become an indispensable channel for brand promotion and communication with potential customers due to the large number of people who use them, easy adaptability of content that these networks support, but also because of the possibility of very precise targeting of various groups on networks.

Social networks are an unavoidable channel of communication with the market, and as many as 90% advertisers have confirmed that social media marketing has enabled them to better present their own business while as many as 80% mentions increased website traffic. 

The advantages of advertising on social networks are:

  • greater brand or product recognition
  • two-way brand communication with target groups
  • quick feedback from the client
  • increase web traffic and strengthen e-commerce
  • creating and validating ideas
  • effective launch of new products 
  • relatively low investment in campaigns.

Different social activities are carried out on every social network, and quality management of social networks requires a lot of time, dedication and dedicated commitment. 

Each network has its own analytics tool that gives us insight into which content works best with our target audience and which content the same audience did not react to as we expected.

Tracking and understanding the analytics of our social media accounts and campaigns is really important for success on social media. In order to be able to understand our target audience in a quality and complete way, it is important to conduct prior research, but also to receive and analyze feedback from our target audience. Knowing our target allows us to personalize and segment, make it easier to target different ads to different groups, and create content that is relevant to them. This content is then created according to their specific needs, behavior and their preferences. Every time we post something on one of the social networks, the brand comes under the magnifying glass of the target group, but also of those who happen to be on that path. That is why it is important that we use those social networks that are in line with our brand. Each social network has its own analytics, some are well developed, while others provide only basic information.

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Facebook presents a detailed analysis with the help of the Facebook Analytics tool, which gives us an insight into the growth / decline trends of the audience, the location of followers and their engagement in brand announcements.

This is one of the tools we use to improve clients' business on social networks, tailor content to their wishes / goals, brand posts, reach more followers and strengthen the connection with the existing audience, but also increase their involvement in posts.

Instagram Insights is an analytics that is part of the Instagram app and provides site analysis to business profiles. The analytics we can analyze through this tool relate to companion activities, most popular posts, reach, optimal time to post, and the like. 

LinkedIn is the largest social network whose focus is on professional users and has more than 500 million users. The goal of this social network is to highlight the strengths and values of the company and employees. It serves as a platform for connecting with colleagues, various companies in order to hire and present the business experience, knowledge and skills of its customers. The dashboard where you can read analytics on LinkedIn is called the LinkedIn Company Page dashboard.  

If you think your business is different and you don’t have the need to advertise on social media because your target audience is somewhere else, you’re not on the right track.

Social networks are our everyday life, and if you want to make contact with customers, clients and partners or simply maintain existing relationships, an active profile on social networks is a must today.